Visible to the public Algebraic Cryptanalysis of O'zDSt 1105:2009 Encryption Algorithm

TitleAlgebraic Cryptanalysis of O'zDSt 1105:2009 Encryption Algorithm
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsBakhtiyor, Abdurakhimov, Zarif, Khudoykulov, Orif, Allanov, Ilkhom, Boykuziev
Conference Name2020 International Conference on Information Science and Communications Technologies (ICISCT)
Date PublishedNov. 2020
ISBN Number978-1-7281-9969-6
KeywordsAlgebraic cryptanalysis, Ciphers, Collaboration, Communications technology, composability, cryptology, decomposition, diamatrix, Encryption, Human Behavior, human factors, information science, Metrics, O'zDSt 1105:2009, pubcrawl, resilience, resilient, Scalability, Standards, Task Analysis
AbstractIn this paper, we examine algebraic attacks on the O'zDSt 1105:2009. We begin with a brief review of the meaning of algebraic cryptanalysis, followed by an algebraic cryptanalysis of O'zDSt 1105:2009. Primarily O'zDSt 1105:2009 encryption algorithm is decomposed and each transformation in it is algebraic described separately. Then input and output of each transformation are expressed with other transformation, encryption key, plaintext and cipher text. Created equations, unknowns on it and degree of unknowns are analyzed, and then overall result is given. Based on experimental results, it is impossible to save all system of equations that describes all transformations in O'zDSt 1105:2009 standard. Because, this task requires 273 bytes for the second round. For this reason, it is advisable to evaluate the parameters of the system of algebraic equations, representing the O'zDSt 1105:2009 standard, theoretically.
Citation Keybakhtiyor_algebraic_2020