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Global police have concluded a months-long campaign in which they seized $83 million in funds headed for the bank accounts of cyber-criminals and scammers. Interpol stated that 40 officers from across APAC participated in the HAECHI-I operation over a six-month period. It focused specifically on investment fraud, romance scams, money laundering associated with illegal online gambling, online sextortion, and voice phishing (vishing). According to the FBI, all have become significant money-makers for threat actors of late. Romance and investment fraud were the number two and three earners last year, leading to nearly $937 million combined losses. Extortion ($71 million) and phishing and its variants ($51 million) were also high up on the list. Interpol claimed late last week that nearly two-thirds (64%) of the 1400 cases opened as part of HAECHI-I had been solved, with many others ongoing. Some 585 individuals were arrested, and over 1,600 global bank accounts were frozen as part of the operation.

Infosecurity reports: "Interpol Seizes $83 Million Headed for Online Scammers"