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2021 CPS Challenge

"Lunar Lander ExoCam -- Earth Analog"


Virtual competition on CPS-VO: June 2, 2021 - July 2, 2021

Outdoor competition in Tucson Arizona: October 2021

In the 2021 NSF CPS Challenge, we will explore agile maneuvers with a multi-rotor drone, with the PX4 autopilot stack. For the first round through June, we will challenge team to show us, virtually, that they can use a multirotor drone to throw a sensor probe outside a perimeter, so that the landing of the drone can be imaged. 

Qualifying: The drone has to take off, and throw a sensor payload outside a 20m perimeter circle. Altitude and probe cable length constraints are specified.
Phase 1: Take off, detect a rover moving in a circle, track rover and throw the sensor probe on the back of moving rover.
Phase 2: Detect moving rover, visually-servo with probe on moving rover, and recover the probe.



Qualifying Round Problem Statement: (watch simulation video)

To throw the probe using the UAV at least 20 metres away for the given limits in positions of the UAV.


During the ascent phase, the participants can use any of the topics given below:






For the flip phase, only the topic “/mavros/setpoint_raw/attitude” can be used.


The limits of the quadrotor are as given below:


[Min. Limit, Max. Limit]

x position

[-5,5] m

y position

[-5,5] m

z position

[0,30] m


The following PX4 parameters might be helpful in the challenge:


Parameter Use
MC_PITCHRATE_MAX Sets the upper limit of the pitch rate


Instructions to access the container:

Create an account on

Under the Design tab select Challenge21-DL (ASU server)

Then click on the Launch Resource button. This will create a container for the respective user id.

An option to pause the container, when not in use, is available under the Actions header.


Sample qualifying code is available in the package provided in the container!!


Instructions to access the file:

Open your container link

The path to the file: /root/catkin_ws/cps_challenge_2021/scripts/...


Technical committee:

Jason Achilles, Zandef Deksit Inc

Dr. Jim Bell, Arizona State University 

Dr. Ramon Arrowsmith, Arizona State University  


2021 CPS Challenge Interns: 

Srikar Siddharth, National Institute of Technology, Karnataka, India 

Hariharan Ravichandran, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India 


If you have questions, please contact Jnaneshwar Das 



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