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Hackers recently compromised computer systems used for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) in New York. The incident sparked a rush to prevent a cyberattack that could cripple North America's largest transit system. MTA officials released a statement, revealing that the agency received an alert from the FBI and other federal agencies saying three of its 18 computer systems were at risk. The MTA said that it promptly shut the attack down. It also said a follow-up forensics analysis found no evidence that the hackers stole sensitive information. Rail service and other operations were also not compromised or disrupted by the incident. According to Rafail Portnoy, the MTA's chief technology officer, the agency's multi-layered security systems effectively prevented the spread of the attack. This article continues to discuss the recent cyberattack on New York City's MTA and the response to this incident.

AP reports "NY Transit Officials Confirm Cyberattack; Say Harm Limited"