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Gaming giant Electronic Arts (EA) have discovered that hackers have stolen a wealth of data, including game source code and tools for several popular games. The hackers behind the attack have advertised a total of 780GB of data for sale on a dark web forum. Among the data stolen was the source code for the popular football game FIFA 21 and code for its matchmaking server, and source code and tools for the Frostbite engine, which powers several EA games, including Battlefield. Additionally, the attackers took proprietary EA frameworks and software development kits. EA stated that it appears that the hackers stole no personal data of customers in the breach and does not expect the attack to impact their games or their business. They also stated that players should not be at an increased risk of cyberattacks, phishing, or identity theft due to the attack. A principal security consultant at F-Secure explained that the most significant impact of the data theft could be that it offers valuable information for EA's competitors to exploit. The security consultant stated that the EA source code and tools have a surprisingly high value to any company that operates in the shadows and wants to get a leg up in competing with the bigger game development companies.

Infosecurity reports:"Gaming Giant EA Suffers Major Data Breach"