Visible to the public Security Science Research Experience for Undergraduates - July 2021Conflict Detection Enabled

PI(s), Co-PI(s), Researchers: Joshua Sunshine at CMU

This refers to Hard Problems, released November 2012.


Reed Oei. 2020. Psamathe: A DSL for Safe Blockchain Assets. In Proc. ACM SPLASH Student Research Competition.

The Security Science Research Experience for Undergraduates is funding four students to work with Carnegie Mellon Resrachers:

  1. Benito Geordie, Rice University, "Democratizing and Decentralizing Collaborative Web Apps." Advisor: Heather Miller.
  2. Crystal Li, University of Pittsburgh, "User Awareness of Social Media Algorithms." Advisor: Daniel Klug.
  3. Megan Li, Harvey Mudd College, "Usable Consent Interfaces." Advisor: Lorrie Cranor.
  4. Sophia Roshal, Cornell University, "Wyvern: Designing a Next-Generation Programming Language." Advisor: Jonathan Aldrich.

Five students participated in the program in Summer 2020:

  1. Emma Hogan, Siena College, "picoCTF Cybersecurity & Education."
  2. Alexander Billups, Pennsylvania State University at Johnstown, "Secuirty Requirements."
  3. Sang Heon Choi, Rose Hullman College, "Safe and Robust Human-Machine Interfaces."
  4. Timothy Mou, "Nominal Wyvern: Adapting Dependent Object Types for Decidable Subtyping."
  5. Reed Oei, University of Illinois at Urbana Champagne, "Psamathe: A DSL for Safe Blockchain Assets."


In Summer 2020, four of the five Security Science students are enrolled during the academic year at colleges without major research programs in computer science. In this way, the progam exposes students to security research that would not otherwise have the opportunity. The five Security Science students plus several other students from our sister program, the Research Experience for Undergraduate in Software Engineering (REUSE), met with representatives of the NSA to discuss research and careers at the NSA.