Visible to the public Detecting Security Vulnerabilities in Website using Python

TitleDetecting Security Vulnerabilities in Website using Python
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsAbirami, R., Wise, D. C. Joy Winnie, Jeeva, R., Sanjay, S.
Conference Name2020 International Conference on Electronics and Sustainable Communication Systems (ICESC)
KeywordsAutomated Response Actions, Communication systems, composability, Conferences, Cross Site Scripting, information technology, OWASP, Payloads, pubcrawl, python, Resiliency, security, Tools, vulnerabilities
AbstractOn the current website, there are many undeniable conditions and there is the existence of new plot holes. If data link is normally extracted on each of the websites, it becomes difficult to evaluate each vulnerability, with tolls such as XS S, SQLI, and other such existing tools for vulnerability assessment. Integrated testing criteria for vulnerabilities are met. In addition, the response should be automated and systematic. The primary value of vulnerability Buffer will be made of predefined and self-formatted code written in python, and the software is automated to send reports to their respective users. The vulnerabilities are tried to be classified as accessible. OWASP is the main resource for developing and validating web security processes.
Citation Keyabirami_detecting_2020