Visible to the public Safety, Security and Privacy for Cyber-Physical SystemsConflict Detection Enabled

TitleSafety, Security and Privacy for Cyber-Physical Systems
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsRiccardo M.G Ferarri(Editor), André Teixeira(Editor)
Series TitleLecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences
Series Volume1
Number of Pages394
PublisherSpringer International Publishing
ISBN Number978-3-030-65047-6
AbstractThis book presents an in-depth overview of recent work related to the safety, security, and privacy of cyber-physical systems (CPSs). It brings together contributions from leading researchers in networked control systems and closely related fields to discuss overarching aspects of safety, security, and privacy; characterization of attacks; and solutions to detecting and mitigating such attacks.
Citation Keynode-78445