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TitleTransportation Cyber-Physical Systems
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsLipika Deka(Editor), Mashrur Chowdhury(Editor)
Number of Pages348
ISBN Number9780128142950
AbstractTransportation Cyber-Physical Systems provides current and future researchers, developers and practitioners with the latest thinking on the emerging interdisciplinary field of Transportation Cyber Physical Systems (TCPS). The book focuses on enhancing efficiency, reducing environmental stress, and meeting societal demands across the continually growing air, water and land transportation needs of both people and goods. Users will find a valuable resource that helps accelerate the research and development of transportation and mobility CPS-driven innovation for the security, reliability and stability of society at-large. The book integrates ideas from Transport and CPS experts and visionaries, consolidating the latest thinking on the topic. As cars, traffic lights and the built environment are becoming connected and augmented with embedded intelligence, it is important to understand how smart ecosystems that encompass hardware, software, and physical components can help sense the changing state of the real world.
Citation Keynode-78501