Visible to the public 2003 HCSS Conference Program Agenda

2003 HCSS Conference Program Agenda

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Tuesday, April, 1

8:30 am Brian Snow, NSA
8:45 am Introducing Cyberlogic
Harald Rueß, SRI
9:45 am


10:00 am Embedded Deduction with ICS
John Rushby, SRI
11:00 am

Programatic Tools for Certifiable, Auditable Development of High Assurance Systems in Haskell
Mark P. Jones, OGI School of Science and Engineering at OHSU

Noon vFaat: von Neumann Formal Analysis and Annotation Tool
David Greve, Rockwell Collins
2:30 pm Break
3:00 pm Formal Analysis Tools for the JVM and Computer Arithmetics
Jeff Golden, Warren J. Hunt, Jr., Hanbing Liu, Robert Krug, and J Strother Moore, University of Texas at Austin
4:00 pm Trustworthy Refinement through Instrusion-Aware Design (TRIAD)
Andrew P. Moore, Carnegie Mellon University

Wednesday, April 2

8:30 am Organically Assured & Survivable Information Systems
Jay Lala, SRI
9:30 am Break
10:00 am Advancing Confidence in Software Application Security - The Software Protection Initiative
Marti R. Stytz and Jeff Hughes, WPAFB
11:00 am Secure Agents
Carolyn Talcott, SRI
Noon Lunch
1:30 pm Code Generation for High-Assurance Java Card Applets
Alessandro Coglio, Kestrel Institute
2:30 pm Break
3:00 pm Design Patterns in Protocal Derivation
Dusko Pavlovic, Kestrel Institute
4:00 pm Cryptyc: A Cryptographic Protocol Typechecker
Alan Jeffrey, DePaul University

Thursday, April 3

8:30 am Overview FAA IT & ISS R&D: Security Today, Security Tomorrow
Marshall Potter, Federal Aviation Administration
9:30 am Break
10:00 am Secure Software from Design to Binary
Martin Salois, DRDC Valcartier
11:00 am Large Scale Separation Through Monads: The Oregon Separation Kernel
Peter White, OGI School of Science and Engineering at OHSU
Noon Lunch
1:30 pm Correctness by Construction of High-Integrity Software
Roderick Chapman, Praxis
2:30 pm Break
3:00 pm A High-Assurance Partitioned Development Environment
Matthew Wilding, Rockwell Collins
4:00 pm Cryptol on FPGAs
John Launchbury, Galois