Visible to the public Presenting IoT Security based on Cryptographic Practices in Data Link Layer in Power Generation Sector

TitlePresenting IoT Security based on Cryptographic Practices in Data Link Layer in Power Generation Sector
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsHussain, Iqra, Pandey, Nitin, Singh, Ajay Vikram, Negi, Mukesh Chandra, Rana, Ajay
Conference Name2020 8th International Conference on Reliability, Infocom Technologies and Optimization (Trends and Future Directions) (ICRITO)
Date PublishedJune 2020
ISBN Number978-1-7281-7016-9
KeywordsAES, control systems, cryptography, DCS, DDCMIS, DES, i-o systems security, I/O, Internet of Things, IoT, NTPC., Optimization, PLC, power generation, pubcrawl, reliability, RSA, SCADA, Scalability
AbstractWith increasing improvements in different areas, Internet control has been making prominent impacts in almost all areas of technology that has resulted in reasonable advances in every discrete field and therefore the industries too are proceeding to the field of IoT (Internet of Things), in which the communication among heterogeneous equipments is via Internet broadly. So imparting these advances of technology in the Power Station Plant sectors i.e. the power plants will be remotely controlled additional to remote monitoring, with no corporal place as a factor for controlling or monitoring. But imparting this technology the security factor needs to be considered as a basic and such methods need to be put into practice that the communication in such networks or control systems is defended against any third party interventions while the data is being transferred from one device to the other device through the internet (Unrestricted Channel). The paper puts forward exercising RSA,DES and AES encrypting schemes for the purpose of data encryption at the Data Link Layer i.e. before it is transmitted to the other device through Internet and as a result of this the security constraints are maintained. The records put to use have been supplied by NTPC, Dadri, India plus simulation part was executed employing MATLAB.
Citation Keyhussain_presenting_2020