Visible to the public A Peer-to-Peer Market Algorithm for a Blockchain Platform

TitleA Peer-to-Peer Market Algorithm for a Blockchain Platform
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsBenanti, F., Sanseverino, E. Riva, Sciumè, G., Zizzo, G.
Conference Name2020 IEEE International Conference on Environment and Electrical Engineering and 2020 IEEE Industrial and Commercial Power Systems Europe (EEEIC / I CPS Europe)
Keywordsancillary services, blockchain, contracts, energy transaction, Generators, human factors, Load flow, market algorithm, Metrics, micro-grids, P2P, peer to peer security, peer-to-peer, Peer-to-peer computing, power system stability, pubcrawl, Resiliency, Scalability, smart contract, Stability analysis
AbstractIn an era of technological revolution in which everything becomes smarter and connected, the blockchain can introduce a new model for energy transactions able to grant more simplicity, security and transparency for end-users. The blockchain technology is characterized by a distributed architecture without a trusted and centralized authority, and, therefore, it appears as the perfect solutions for managing exchanges between peers. In this paper, a market algorithm that can be easily transferred to a smart contract for maximizing the match between produced and consumed energy in a micro-grid is presented. The algorithm supports energy transactions between peers (both producers and consumers) and could be one of the main executables implemented using a blockchain platform. The case study presented in this paper shows how the end-users through the blockchain could select among the possible energy transactions those more suitable to offer specific ancillary services to the grid operator without involving the grid operator itself or a third-party aggregator.
Citation Keybenanti_peer–peer_2020