Visible to the public Design of a Secure Blockchain-Based Smart IoV Architecture

TitleDesign of a Secure Blockchain-Based Smart IoV Architecture
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsDas, Debashis, Banerjee, Sourav, Mansoor, Wathiq, Biswas, Utpal, Chatterjee, Pushpita, Ghosh, Uttam
Conference Name2020 3rd International Conference on Signal Processing and Information Security (ICSPIS)
Date Publishednov
Keywordsblockchain, blockchain technology, BSIoV, human factors, Information security, intelligent transport system, Internet security, Metrics, peer to peer security, Peer-to-peer computing, pubcrawl, Resiliency, Safety, Scalability, Signal processing, smart contract, smart IoV, vehicle security, Vehicle-to-everything
AbstractBlockchain is developing rapidly in various domains for its security. Nowadays, one of the most crucial fundamental concerns is internet security. Blockchain is a novel solution to enhance the security of network applications. However, there are no precise frameworks to secure the Internet of Vehicle (IoV) using Blockchain technology. In this paper, a blockchain-based smart internet of vehicle (BSIoV) framework has been proposed due to the cooperative, collaborative, transparent, and secure characteristics of Blockchain. The main contribution of the proposed work is to connect vehicle-related authorities together to fix a secure and transparent vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication through the peer-to-peer network connection and provide secure services to the intelligent transport systems. A key management strategy has been included to identify a vehicle in this proposed system. The proposed framework can also provide a significant solution for the data security and safety of the connected vehicles in blockchain network.
Citation Keydas_design_2020