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Open by October 15, 2021!


IEEE OPEN JOURNAL OF CONTROL SYSTEMS is a rapid turnaround, open access, and rigorously peer-reviewed IEEE Control Systems Society publication that expands its journal program to offer original research across the broad spectrum of all areas of Dynamic Systems and Controls.


The new journal aims to publish high-quality papers on the theory, design, optimization, and applications of dynamic systems and control, while promoting open access to all control systems research and education publications, including software, and data. 


Some journal highlights include:

  • Special emphasis areas are the interplay between data science and control, and the interdisciplinary connection of dynamic systems and controls with diverse applications in biological, social, cognitive, and cyber-physical systems.
  • New publication categories will be featured in addition to regular papers, including overview, position, open software/testbed tutorial papers, and reproducible papers in dynamic systems and controls.
  • Upcoming Special Sections and Issues covering state-of-the-art, trending topics will be announced soon. 



The field integrates elements of sensing, communication, decision and actuation components, as relevant for the analysis, design and operation of dynamic systems and control. The systems considered include: technological, physical, biological, economic, organizational and other entities, and combinations thereof.  Other keywords include:



Adaptive systems

Agents and Autonomous systems

Cognitive systems and their control

Communication networks

Biomolecular systems

Computational methods

Decision theory

Delay systems

Embedded systems

Finance, economic systems

Formal verification synthesis

Healthcare and medical systems

Human in the loop systems

Information theory and control

Machine Learning and control


Network analysis and control

Systems analysis, stability, and control 


Resilient Control Systems


Smart grids

Social networks

Stochastic systems

Systems Biology




SPECIAL SECTION on the Intersection of Machine Learning with Control

  • Machine learning for dimensionality reduction and system identification
  • Emerging applications for learning-based control
  • Data-driven optimization and control for dynamical systems
  • Safe reinforcement learning and safe adaptive control
  • Bridging model-based and learning-based control systems
  • Distributed learning over distributed systems
  • Reinforcement learning for multiagent systems
  • Optimization, dynamics and control for machine learning
  • Reinforcement learning and statistical learning for dynamical and control systems



All manuscripts should be prepared in accordance with the IEEE Author Guidelines and submitted through information on submissions, including accepted article types, can be found in the Author Resources. Submission site opening by October 15, 2021.


  • Special Offer: APCs waived for the first 20 accepted papers!
  • IEEE Members receive a 5% discount.
  • IEEE Control Systems Society Members receive a 20% discount.

*These discounts cannot be combined.



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