Visible to the public Attribute-Based Data Security with Obfuscated Access Policy for Smart Grid Applications

TitleAttribute-Based Data Security with Obfuscated Access Policy for Smart Grid Applications
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsSethi, Kamalakanta, Pradhan, Ankit, Bera, Padmalochan
Conference Name2020 International Conference on COMmunication Systems NETworkS (COMSNETS)
Keywordsaccess policy, CP-ABE, Encryption, hidden policy, Human Behavior, Measurement, Metrics, monotone, phasor measurement units, power system stability, Privacy Policies, pubcrawl, Public key, Scalability, Smart grid, Smart grids
AbstractSmart grid employs intelligent transmission and distribution networks for effective and reliable delivery of electricity. It uses fine-grained electrical measurements to attain optimized reliability and stability by sharing these measurements among different entities of energy management systems of the grid. There are many stakeholders like users, phasor measurement units (PMU), and other entities, with changing requirements involved in the sharing of the data. Therefore, data security plays a vital role in the correct functioning of a power grid network. In this paper, we propose an attribute-based encryption (ABE) for secure data sharing in Smart Grid architectures as ABE enables efficient and secure access control. Also, the access policy is obfuscated to preserve privacy. We use Linear Secret Sharing (LSS) Scheme for supporting any monotone access structures, thereby enhancing the expressiveness of access policies. Finally, we also analyze the security, access policy privacy and collusion resistance properties along with efficiency analysis of our cryptosystem.
Citation Keysethi_attribute-based_2020