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Technology giant Microsoft has disclosed that it mitigated a DDoS attack of 2.4 terabytes per second, which targeted an undisclosed European customer using its cloud computing service Microsoft Azure. According to Microsoft, the attack, observed in the last week of August, was 140% higher in scale than any previously recorded network volumetric event on Azure. The DDoS attack traffic originated from nearly 70,000 sources in countries including Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, China, and the U.S. The researchers stated that the attack vector was a user datagram protocol or UDP, reflection that lasted over 10 minutes with "very short-lived bursts, each ramping up in seconds to terabit volumes." The 2.4 Tbps attack occurred on an undisclosed date in August and was followed by a smaller spike measuring 0.55 Tbps, and a third spike scaling 1.7 Tbps. Before the August attack, the March-April 2020 1.6 Tbps DDoS attack was the highest bandwidth volume Microsoft had ever recorded. The researchers stated that the magnitude of the latest attack demonstrates the ability of bad actors to "wreak havoc" by flooding targets with huge traffic volumes that bottleneck network capacity.

Healthcare Info Security reports: "Microsoft Says It Mitigated Largest-Ever DDoS Attack"