Visible to the public Perspectives of Stakeholders in Data Governance


A major challenge for data privacy is accounting for the varying and sometimes opposing goals of the many stakeholders that may touch any given piece of data. This talk will cover recent and ongoing studies at ICSI that aim to tease out the perspectives of data stakeholders and how each approaches data management and governance. Our work covers the data management approaches of: - Tech companies: How "privacy champions" within product teams move organizations towards more privacy-friendly practices; - Mobile platforms: How enhanced privacy requirements for apps that access health data are structured, documented, and enforced; - Ad networks: How ad networks present the choice between personalized and non-personalized ads to developers using their SDKs; - Individual developers: How app developers navigate data management challenges introduced by other stakeholders, e.g., mobile platforms or ad networks; - Healthcare providers: How healthcare professionals view data use by consumer health apps, in the context of health data standards in their countries.


Julia BerndJulia Bernd received her MA in Linguistics from Stanford University in 2002, and has since then applied her academic training to practical causes by working on a wide variety of social-science and public-health research projects around the Bay Area. At ICSI and UC Berkeley, she has been involved in program evaluations; curriculum projects in privacy, security, and the social impacts of computing; and open-access corpus development. Current research interests include user expectations about smart homes, privacy culture in software development, and the intersections of privacy and social power dynamics.

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Perspectives of Stakeholders in Data Governance
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