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HoTSoS 2022 Call for Papers! Deadline December 17th!

The HoT Topics in the Science of Security (HoTSoS) Symposium is now soliciting submissions for the 2022 program. Following the success of the virtual HoTSoS Symposium in 2021, HoTSoS`22 will be a virtual event held the week of April 4th, 2022. In addition to research paper discussions and presentations, the symposium program will also include invited talks and panels.

We are accepting submissions in the following three categories:

  • Already published research papers will be accepted for presentation provided their scope aligns with HoTSoS.
  • Working papers (WiP) will be evaluated for scope, potential for impact, and technical merit. Papers in this category will be discussed during the special WiP session and receive detailed feedback towards making the paper publishable at a top-tier venue. We are looking for bold, risky, and interdisciplinary ideas.
  • Posters abstracts will be selected for brief presentations and highlighted by a poster competition.

Topics of interest include:

  • Trustworthy AI, theoretical limits, explainability
  • Security analysis techniques, testing, verification, and validation
  • Design principles, tools, architectures, and provably secure systems
  • Resiliency, fault-tolerance
  • Security, privacy in new collaborative workspaces
  • Scalable and composable frameworks for security
  • Human behavior and security; users and adversaries
  • Security of cyber-physical and autonomous systems
  • Security metrics
  • Security policies

Visit the HoTSoS 2022 Call for Papers page for more information about submission requirements and important deadlines.