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User login credentials remain a major target for cybercriminals, as they provide access to organizations' critical infrastructures and systems. Threat actors are using various attack vectors such as credential stuffing to steal usernames and passwords. Credential stuffing refers to an attack in which usernames and passwords leaked in previous data breaches are used to gain access to accounts created on other online services. These attacks use bots for automation to enter many username and password combinations into login pages across multiple online services. According to the New York State Office of the Attorney General (OAG), threat actors have compromised more than 1.1 million user accounts belonging to 17 companies through the launch of credential stuffing attacks. This article continues to discuss the concept of credential stuffing attacks, the compromise of over 1.1 million user accounts through these attacks, and recommended security measures to protect online accounts.

CISO MAG reports "Attackers Steal 1.1 M User Accounts Through Credential Stuffing"