Visible to the public "Teenage Hacker Gains Remote Control of 25 Teslas in 13 Countries"Conflict Detection Enabled

A young hacker named David Colombo claimed to have found a way to gain remote control over 25 Tesla electric vehicles in 13 countries. According to Colombo, the flaw used to trigger different actions remotely was not a vulnerability in Tesla's infrastructure but an error made on the owners' end. He claimed to have been able to disable a car's remote camera system, unlock doors, determine the vehicle's exact location, and more. However, Colombo clarified that he could not control steering, acceleration, or breaking. He is currently talking to the not-for-profit organization MITRE about how to properly report the hack as a CVE. The hack is also under investigation by Tesla's security team.

PCMag reports "Teenage Hacker Gains Remote Control of 25 Teslas in 13 Countries"