Visible to the public Implicit Certificate Based Signcryption for a Secure Data Sharing in Clouds

TitleImplicit Certificate Based Signcryption for a Secure Data Sharing in Clouds
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsOmono, Asamoah Kwame, Wang, Yu, Xia, Qi, Gao, Jianbin
Conference Name2021 18th International Computer Conference on Wavelet Active Media Technology and Information Processing (ICCWAMTIP)
Keywordscertificate, cloud server, Companies, composability, Costs, digital signatures, Encryption, Human Behavior, information processing, Media, Metrics, pubcrawl, Repudiation, Resiliency, signature, Signcryption
AbstractSigncryption is a sophisticated cryptographic tool that combines the benefits of digital signature and data encryption in a single step, resulting in reduced computation and storage cost. However, the existing signcryption techniques do not account for a scenario in which a company must escrow an employee's private encryption key so that the corporation does not lose the capacity to decrypt a ciphertext when the employee or user is no longer available. To circumvent the issue of non-repudiation, the private signing key does not need to be escrowed. As a result, this paper presents an implicit certificate-based signcryption technique with private encryption key escrow, which can assist an organization in preventing the loss of private encryption. A certificate, or more broadly, a digital signature, protects users' public encryption and signature keys from man-in-the-middle attacks under our proposed approach.
Citation Keyomono_implicit_2021