Visible to the public A Supply Chain Data Supervision System Based on Parent-Children Blockchain Structure

TitleA Supply Chain Data Supervision System Based on Parent-Children Blockchain Structure
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsXie, Jiagui, Li, Zhiping, Gao, Likun, Nie, Fanjie
Conference Name2021 IEEE 3rd International Conference on Civil Aviation Safety and Information Technology (ICCASIT)
Keywordsblockchain, blockchains, composability, data privacy, Government, Government supervision, Human Behavior, Metrics, Parent-children chain, pubcrawl, Regulation, Repudiation, Resiliency, smart contract, smart contracts, supply chain management, Supply chains
AbstractIn the context of Industrial Internet logo analysis, this paper analyzes the feasibility and outstanding advantages of the blockchain technology applied to supply chain data supervision combining the pain spots of traditional supply chain management system and the technical superiority. Although blockchain technology has uprooted some deep-entrenched problems of supply chain data management system, it brings new issues to government supervision in the meanwhile. Upon the analysis of current development and the new problems of blockchain-based supply chain data management system, a new parent-children blockchain-based supply chain data supervision system is proposed, which targets to overcome the dilemma faced by the governmental regulation of supply chain. Firstly, with the characteristics of blockchain including decentralization, non-tampering and non-repudiation, the system can solve the problem puzzling the traditional database about untruthful and unreliable data, and has advantages in managing supply chain and realizing product traceability. The authenticity and reliability of data on the chain also make it easier for the government to investigate and affix the responsibility of vicious incidents. At the same time, the system adopts the parent-children chain structure and the storage mode combining on-chain and off-chain resources to overcome the contradiction between information disclosure requirements of the government and privacy protection requirements of enterprises, which can better meet the needs of various users. Moreover, the application of smart contracts can replace a large number of the manual work like repetitive data analysis, which can make analysis results more accurate and avoid human failure.
Citation Keyxie_supply_2021