Visible to the public Flatness-based control of a 3-phases PWM rectifier with LCL-filter amp; disturbance observer

TitleFlatness-based control of a 3-phases PWM rectifier with LCL-filter amp; disturbance observer
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsLAPIQUE, Maxime, GAVAGSAZ-GHOACHANI, Roghayeh, MARTIN, Jean-Philippe, PIERFEDERICI, Serge, ZAIM, Sami
Conference NameIECON 2020 The 46th Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society
KeywordsAerospace electronics, disturbance observer, Flatness-based control, LCL-filter, Mathematical model, More Electrical Aircraft, parameters estimation, Passive filters, Power harmonic filters, PWM rectifier, Time measurement, Trajectory, trajectory planning
AbstractIn more electrical aircraft, the embedded electrical network is handling more and more vital functions, being more and more strained as well. Attenuation of switching harmonics is a key step in the network reliability, thus filtering elements play a central role. To keep the weight of the embedded network reasonable, weakly damped high-order filters shall be preferred. Flatness-based control (FBC) can offer both high bandwidth regulation and large signal stability proof. This make FBC a good candidate to handle the inherent oscillating behavior of aforementioned filters. However, this control strategy can be tricky to implement, especially with high order systems. Moreover, FBC is more sensor demanding than classic PI-based control. This paper address these two drawbacks. First, a novel trajectory planning for high order systems is proposed. This method does not require multiple derivations. Then the input sensors are removed thanks to a parameters estimator. Feasibility and performances are verified with experimental results. Performances comparison with cascaded-loop topologies are given in final section to prove the relevance of the proposed control strategy.
NotesISSN: 2577-1647
Citation Keylapique_flatness-based_2020