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Workshop on Bridging International Societal Differences in Autonomous and Digitalized Energy Systems

June 28, 2022

Hybrid Hub at ACM e-Energy 2022

University of Oldenburg, Germany


Abstract: Emerging industrial platforms such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial Internet (II) in the US and Industry 4.0 in Europe have tremendously accelerated the development of new generations of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) that integrate humans and human organizations with physical and computation processes (H-CPS) and extend to societal-scale systems such as traffic networks, electric grids, or networks of autonomous systems (self-driving cars, unmanned air vehicles) where control is dynamically shifted between humans and machines. Societal-scale systems are motivated by societal needs, but must meet social norms and expectations that differ, often significantly, across nations. However, in order for them to work and interoperate across national boundaries, the differences in social policies, regulations, and expectations must be incorporated at a fundamental level early in the engineering design phases. The aim of this workshop is to compare how the policies/regulations (and also the acceptance criteria) differ internationally (or will differ in the future for autonomous/digitalized systems); what the different R&D approaches are in the countries and how this can be married – cross-nationally if possible. Our premise is that even if there are probably no common overall solutions, the same building blocks (e.g., scenario-based test procedures) can and should be jointly developed/researched, which will then be integrated/used in the different regions in different ways in the respective implementations/approval procedures in different ways.

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Oldenburg, Germany