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5th International Symposium on Smart Transportation Systems

June 20 - 22, 2022 | Rhodes, Greece |

Modern transportation systems have been transforming rapidly in recent years. A series of vehicle technology innovations have blossomed in the past couple decades, just to mention a few examples, connected vehicles, self-driving cars, electric vehicles, Hyperloop, and even flying cars, which has imposed fundamental change on transport systems across the world.These innovations and breakthroughs have motivated researchers on Smart Transportation Systems (ITS) to expand the frontiers of relevant concepts and skillsets, which will affect the transport infrastructure modelling, safety analysis, freeway operations, intersection analysis, and other related leading edge topics.

The KES International Symposium on Smart Transportation Systems provides an opportunity for researchers, engineers, manager and students to meet, present their work and find out about the latest developments on the subject.

The STS Symposium is intended to cover the following topics, although the list is not intended to be restrictive and submissions on other relevant topics will be welcome:-

  • Application of big data to improve transport safety, efficiency, and sustainability. Application of data analytics to improve transport safety, efficiency, and sustainability.
  • Integration of vehicle technologies and mobility services
  • Innovations of new technologies that impact future mobility
  • Applications of emerging vehicle technologies in transportation systems
  • Ideas and paradigms of new mobility services
  • Field experiments and real-world deployment of emerging vehicle technologies
  • Theorems, models and algorithms on planning and managing new mobility services
  • Traffic flow control with emerging technologies and services
  • Impacts of emerging technologies and services on transportation system safety, efficiency, energy consumption and environmental footprints
  • Performance measures of transport academia and industry
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Rhodes, Greece