Visible to the public A Network Attack Blocking Scheme Based on Threat Intelligence

TitleA Network Attack Blocking Scheme Based on Threat Intelligence
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsLi, Kun, Wang, Rui, Li, Haiwei, Hao, Yan
Conference Name2021 6th International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Signal Processing (ICSP)
KeywordsAccurate Block, cloud computing, Communication networks, composability, data centers, machine learning, Market research, Metrics, privacy, pubcrawl, Real-time Systems, resilience, Resiliency, SDN, security, Signal processing, signal processing security, Support Network Security, threat intelligence
AbstractIn the current network security situation, the types of network threats are complex and changeable. With the development of the Internet and the application of information technology, the general trend is opener. Important data and important business applications will face more serious security threats. However, with the development of cloud computing technology, the trend of large-scale deployment of important business applications in cloud centers has greatly increased. The development and use of software-defined networks in cloud data centers have greatly reduced the effect of traditional network security boundary protection. How to find an effective way to protect important applications in open multi-step large-scale cloud data centers is a problem we need to solve. Threat intelligence has become an important means to solve complex network attacks, realize real-time threat early warning and attack tracking because of its ability to analyze the threat intelligence data of various network attacks. Based on the research of threat intelligence, machine learning, cloud central network, SDN and other technologies, this paper proposes an active defense method of network security based on threat intelligence for super-large cloud data centers.
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