Visible to the public Bridging Aero and Auto CPS: Secure Software and Data Distribution

Transportation sectors are today faced with grand societal challenges of accommodating an unprecedented traffic increase, while improving travel safety, comfort and convenience, fuel efficiency, environmental benefit, and stakeholders business. Commonalities are emerging in the way aerospace and automotive sectors are responding to these grand challenges. A high-level example is the “Infotronics”1 and the “e-Enabling”2 visions – both broadly view a vehicle to seamlessly traverse as a CPS node in a geographically spread information network consisting of ground infrastructure, satellites and vehicles, providing network users and society with expected services as well as all the information needed to react at the very best moment. Other recent examples include the use of onboard GPS, WiFi-enabling of aircraft3 and automobiles4 and logical separation of in-vehicle networks. We aim to leverage such commonalities and address the following emerging problems in the automotive sector.

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