Visible to the public A Study on CP-ABE Based Data Sharing System That Provides Signature-Based Verifiable Outsourcing

TitleA Study on CP-ABE Based Data Sharing System That Provides Signature-Based Verifiable Outsourcing
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsHwang, Yong-Woon, Lee, Im-Yeong
Conference Name2021 International Conference on Advanced Enterprise Information System (AEIS)
Date Publishedjun
KeywordsAccess Control, cloud computing, cloud storage, component, Computational efficiency, CP-ABE, data sharing, Encryption, Information systems, outsourcing, policy-based governance, pubcrawl, Scalability, Servers, verifiable outsourced
AbstractRecently, with the development of the cloud environment, users can store their data or share it with other users. However, various security threats can occur in data sharing systems in the cloud environment. To solve this, data sharing systems and access control methods using the CP-ABE method are being studied, but the following problems may occur. First, in an outsourcing server that supports computation, it is not possible to prove that the computed result is a properly computed result when performing the partial decryption process of the ciphertext. Therefore, the user needs to verify the message obtained by performing the decryption process, and verify that the data is uploaded by the data owner through verification. As another problem, because the data owner encrypts data with attribute-based encryption, the number of attributes included in the access structure increases. This increases the size of the ciphertext, which can waste space in cloud storage. Therefore, a ciphertext of a constant size must be output regardless of the number of attributes when generating the ciphertext. In this paper, we proposes a CP-ABE based data sharing system that provides signature-based verifiable outsourcing. It aims at a system that allows multiple users to share data safely and efficiently in a cloud environment by satisfying verifiable outsourcing and constant-sized ciphertext output among various security requirements required by CP-ABE.
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