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18th International Conference on Formal Aspects of Component Software

The Formal Aspects of Component Software (FACS) conference series targets research in formal approaches for distributed components and services. The conferences cover topics including models, languages, analysis and verification techniques for component-based systems such as service-oriented architecture, cloud and edge computing, safety-critical, hybrid and cyber physical systems, etc.


The conference seeks to address the applications of formal methods in all aspects of software components and services. FACS aims at developing a community-based understanding of relevant and emerging research problems through formal paper presentations and lively discussions. FACS 2022 welcomes contributions including but not limited to:

  • Formal methods, models, and languages for components and services, including
  • verification techniques (e.g., model checking, type systems, testing, runtime analysis),
  • probabilistic techniques,
  • (co-)simulation techniques,
  • composition and deployment,
  • component interaction,
  • software variability,
  • QoS and other non-functional properties (e.g., trust, compliance, security, privacy);
  • Formal aspects of concrete component-based systems, including
  • service-oriented architectures,
  • business processes,
  • cloud or edge computing,
  • real-time/safety-critical systems,
  • hybrid and cyber physical systems,
  • quantum systems,
  • components that use artificial intelligence;
  • Tools supporting formal methods for components and services;
  • Case studies and experience reports over the above topics.
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Oslo, Norway (online)