Visible to the public Security Analyses of Misbehavior Tracking in Bitcoin Network

TitleSecurity Analyses of Misbehavior Tracking in Bitcoin Network
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsFan, Wenjun, Hong, Hsiang-Jen, Wuthier, Simeon, Zhou, Xiaobo, Bai, Yan, Chang, Sang-Yoon
Conference Name2021 IEEE International Conference on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency (ICBC)
KeywordsBan Score, bitcoin, bitcoin security, blockchain, Conferences, cryptocurrency, denial-of-service attack, DoS attack, Human Behavior, P2P Networking, Peer-to-peer computing, Prototypes, pubcrawl, research and development, Scalability, Spoofing, sybil
AbstractBecause Bitcoin P2P networking is permissionless by the application requirement, it is vulnerable against networking threats based on identity/credential manipulations such as Sybil and spoofing attacks. The current Bitcoin implementation keeps track of its peer's networking misbehaviors through ban score. In this paper, we investigate the security problems of the ban-score mechanism and discover that the ban score is not only ineffective against the Bitcoin Message-based DoS attacks but also vulnerable to a Defamation attack. In the Defamation attack, the network adversary can exploit the ban-score mechanism to defame innocent peers.
Citation Keyfan_security_2021