Visible to the public Physical layer security in cooperative cognitive radio networks with relay selection methods

TitlePhysical layer security in cooperative cognitive radio networks with relay selection methods
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsPhi Son, Vo, Nhat Binh, Le, Nguyen, Tung T., Trong Hai, Nguyen
Conference Name2021 International Conference on Advanced Technologies for Communications (ATC)
Date Publishedoct
KeywordsCognitive radio, Cognitive Radio Security, cooperative cognitive radio networks, Decoding, physical layer security, power system reliability, probability, pubcrawl, radio transmitters, Receivers, relay selections, resilience, Resiliency, secrecy outage probability
AbstractThis paper studies the physical layer security of four reactive relay selection methods (optimum relay selection, opportunist relay selection enhancement, suboptimal relay selection enhancement and partial relay selection enhancement) in a cooperative cognitive radio network including one pair of primary users, one eavesdropper, multiple relays and secondary users with perfect and imperfect channel state information (CSI) at receivers. In addition, we consider existing a direct link from a secondary source (S) to secondary destination receivers (D) and eavesdroppers (E). The secrecy outage probability, outage probability, intercept probability and reliability are calculated to verify the four relay selection methods with the fading channels by using Monte Carlo simulation. The results show that the loss of secrecy outage probability when remaining direct links from S to D and S to E. Additionally, the results also show that the trade-off between secrecy outage probability and the intercept probability and the optimum relay selection method outperforms other methods.
Citation Keyphi_son_physical_2021