Visible to the public Eigen-Fingerprints-Based Remote Authentication Cryptosystem

TitleEigen-Fingerprints-Based Remote Authentication Cryptosystem
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsBentahar, Atef, Meraoumia, Abdallah, Bendjenna, Hakim, Chitroub, Salim, Zeroual, Abdelhakim
Conference Name2021 International Conference on Recent Advances in Mathematics and Informatics (ICRAMI)
Keywordsbiometrics (access control), codes, cryptography, Eigen-Fingerprints, feature extraction, fuzzy commitment, Fuzzy Cryptography, fuzzy vault, Internet of Things, Key Binding, Mathematics, Metrics, pubcrawl, Remote authentication, resilience, Resiliency, Scalability, wireless networks
AbstractNowadays, biometric is a most technique to authenticate /identify human been, because its resistance against theft, loss or forgetfulness. However, biometric is subject to different transmission attacks. Today, the protection of the sensitive biometric information is a big challenge, especially in current wireless networks such as internet of things where the transmitted data is easy to sniffer. For that, this paper proposes an Eigens-Fingerprint-based biometric cryptosystem, where the biometric feature vectors are extracted by the Principal Component Analysis technique with an appropriate quantification. The key-binding principle incorporated with bit-wise and byte-wise correcting code is used for encrypting data and sharing key. Several recognition rates and computation time are used to evaluate the proposed system. The findings show that the proposed cryptosystem achieves a high security without decreasing the accuracy.
Citation Keybentahar_eigen-fingerprints-based_2021