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Every year, organizations pay $1,197 per employee to address successful cyber incidents involving email services, cloud collaboration apps or services, and web browsers. According to a new Osterman Research survey for Perception Point, a 500-employee company spends an average of $600,000 annually. A successful email-based cyber incident takes an average of 86 hours to resolve. As a result, with no support, one security professional can only handle 23 email incidents per year, at a direct cost of $6,452 per incident in time alone. Attacks on cloud collaboration apps or services are only marginally less expensive to mitigate. They take 71 hours to resolve on average, implying that one professional can handle 28 incidents per year at a cost of $5,305 per incident. This is also a threat vector that is not going away, as 80 percent of respondents said new channels, such as cloud collaboration apps and web browsers, will be important or extremely important for employee productivity by 2024. Threat actors have shifted their attacks to the new apps and services businesses have adopted. Malicious incidents against these new cloud-based apps and services are already occurring at 60 percent of the frequency with which they happen on email-based services, with some attacks, such as those involving malware installed on an endpoint, occurring at 87 percent of the frequency with which they occur on email-based services. According to the report, all organizations intend to deploy at least one new security tool to combat threats in the coming year, with 69 percent planning to deploy three or more. Half of all organizations use six or more communication and collaboration tools, with 19 percent using nine. Using such diverse tools expands the number of vectors that attackers can exploit. Over the next two years, more than 70 percent of respondents expect the frequency of security threats to remain constant or increase. This article continues to discuss key findings from the report on the rise of cyber threats against email, browsers, and emerging cloud-based channels.

BetaNews reports "Cyberattacks Cost Enterprises $1,200 per Employee per Year"