Visible to the public A blockchain-based V2X communication system

TitleA blockchain-based V2X communication system
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsFarran, Hassan, Khoury, David, Kfoury, Elie, Bokor, László
Conference Name2021 44th International Conference on Telecommunications and Signal Processing (TSP)
Keywordsauthentication, blockchain, Cooperative Intelligent Transport System (C-ITS), Distributed Public Keystore (DPK), ethereum, ETSI, Europe, Human Behavior, human factors, Metrics, Organizations, PKI Trust Models, PKI/CA, pubcrawl, Public key, resilience, Resiliency, RSU, Scalability, Signal processing, Telecommunications, Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X)
AbstractThe security proposed for Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) systems in the European Union is specified in the ETSI Cooperative Intelligent Transport System (C-ITS) standards, and related documents are based on the trusted PKI/CAs. The C-ITS trust model platform comprises an EU Root CA and additional Root CAs run in Europe by member state authorities or private organizations offering certificates to individual users. A new method is described in this paper where the security in V2X is based on the Distributed Public Keystore (DPK) platform developed for Ethereum blockchain. The V2X security is considered as one application of the DPK platform. The DPK stores and distributes the vehicles, RSUs, or other C-ITS role-players' public keys. It establishes a generic key exchange/ agreement scheme that provides mutual key, entity authentication, and distributing a session key between two peers. V2X communication based on this scheme can establish an end-to-end (e2e) secure session and enables vehicle authentication without the need for a vehicle certificate signed by a trusted Certificate Authority.
Citation Keyfarran_blockchain-based_2021