Visible to the public Designing for Privacy - January 2023Conflict Detection Enabled

PI(s), Co-PI(s), Researchers:

  • Serge Egelman (ICSI)
  • Julia Bernd (ICSI)

Human Behavior, Policy-Governed Secure Collaboration


  • None this quarter.


  • As described in previous reports, we are collaborating with colleagues at UC Berkeley, KCL, and COLEF (in Tijuana) on a broad survey (in two languages and four countries) designed to quantify people's experiences of smart devices in their own homes vs. the homes of other people, in particular whether and how current device designs may be able to allow for consideration of bystander privacy.

    • In this reporting period, we conducted pilots of each version, conducted a preliminary analysis of the qualitative data from the free-answer questions, and revised the survey to shorten it and focus on the most relevant questions.

    • We are in the process of collecting the main-phase data (on the platform) and preparing to begin analysis.

  • We are also continuing to refine the design of a vignette-style survey to surface social norms about what information it is acceptable for smart home devices to collect and share about secondary users or bystanders in different situations (e.g. homes where domestic employees are working, short-term rentals, institutional housing, etc.), based on the theory of privacy as contextual integrity.

  • Finally, we are conducting thematic coding and analyzing transcripts of interviews with parents who employ nannies, which we collected as part of our research (described in previous reports) on design considerations for smart homes related to privacy considerations for domestic workers. We will compare the parent interviews with previously-analyzed interviews with nannies, to identify disconnects and potential points of intervention that could be addressed (at least in part) through design.


  • None this quarter.


  • These projects involved undergraduate and graduate students. The survey on smart home experiences is being led by a UC Berkeley grad student.
  • An ICSI postdoc working with us on the survey studies (under separate funding) has now been hired as faculty at Liverpool Hope University.