Visible to the public Incentivized Security-Aware Computation Offloading for Large-Scale Internet of Things Applications

TitleIncentivized Security-Aware Computation Offloading for Large-Scale Internet of Things Applications
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2022
AuthorsHalabi, Talal, Abusitta, Adel, Carvalho, Glaucio H.S., Fung, Benjamin C. M.
Conference Name2022 7th International Conference on Smart and Sustainable Technologies (SpliTech)
KeywordsFog Computing, human factors, Internet of Things, mechanism design, Metrics, Pervasive computing, Pervasive Computing Security, pubcrawl, Reliability engineering, resilience, Resiliency, Resource management, risk assess-ment, risk management, Scalability, security, security and reliability, Task Analysis
AbstractWith billions of devices already connected to the network's edge, the Internet of Things (IoT) is shaping the future of pervasive computing. Nonetheless, IoT applications still cannot escape the need for the computing resources available at the fog layer. This becomes challenging since the fog nodes are not necessarily secure nor reliable, which widens even further the IoT threat surface. Moreover, the security risk appetite of heterogeneous IoT applications in different domains or deploy-ment contexts should not be assessed similarly. To respond to this challenge, this paper proposes a new approach to optimize the allocation of secure and reliable fog computing resources among IoT applications with varying security risk level. First, the security and reliability levels of fog nodes are quantitatively evaluated, and a security risk assessment methodology is defined for IoT services. Then, an online, incentive-compatible mechanism is designed to allocate secure fog resources to high-risk IoT offloading requests. Compared to the offline Vickrey auction, the proposed mechanism is computationally efficient and yields an acceptable approximation of the social welfare of IoT devices, allowing to attenuate security risk within the edge network.
Citation Keyhalabi_incentivized_2022