Visible to the public Assurance Case Along a Safety Continuum

TitleAssurance Case Along a Safety Continuum
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2022
AuthorsAnderegg, Alfred H. Andy, Ferrell, Uma D.
Conference Name2022 IEEE/AIAA 41st Digital Avionics Systems Conference (DASC)
Date Publishedsep
KeywordsAcceptable Safety, Aerospace electronics, AI, Aircraft, Aircraft propulsion, Atmospheric modeling, autonomous systems, certification, Complexity, dynamic systems, Ecosystems, Epistemic Safety, Goal-based regulatory Oversight, machine learning, Performance Based Assurance Case, pubcrawl, resilience, Resiliency, Safety, Safety Continuum, Safety Performance Indicators, Scalability, software assurance, Technological innovation, Through-life Assurance Case, UAM, UAS, Uncertainty in Performance
AbstractThe FAA proposes Safety Continuum that recognizes the public expectation for safety outcomes vary with aviation sectors that have different missions, aircraft, and environments. The purpose is to align the rigor of oversight to the public expectations. An aircraft, its variants or derivatives may be used in operations with different expectations. The differences in mission might bring immutable risks for some applications that reuse or revise the original aircraft type design. The continuum enables a more agile design approval process for innovations in the context of a dynamic ecosystems, addressing the creation of variants for different sectors and needs. Since an aircraft type design can be reused in various operations under part 91 or 135 with different mission risks the assurance case will have many branches reflecting the variants and derivatives.This paper proposes a model for the holistic, performance-based, through-life safety assurance case that focuses applicant and oversight alike on achieving the safety outcomes. This paper describes the application of goal-based, technology-neutral features of performance-based assurance cases extending the philosophy of UL 4600, to the Safety Continuum. This paper specifically addresses component reuse including third-party vehicle modifications and changes to operational concept or eco-system. The performance-based assurance argument offers a way to combine the design approval more seamlessly with the oversight functions by focusing all aspects of the argument and practice together to manage the safety outcomes. The model provides the context to assure mitigated risk are consistent with an operation's place on the safety continuum, while allowing the applicant to reuse parts of the assurance argument to innovate variants or derivatives. The focus on monitoring performance to constantly verify the safety argument complements compliance checking as a way to assure products are "fit-for-use". The paper explains how continued operational safety becomes a natural part of monitoring the assurance case for growing variety in a product line by accounting for the ecosystem changes. Such a model could be used with the Safety Continuum to promote applicant and operator accountability delivering the expected safety outcomes.
NotesISSN: 2155-7209
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