Visible to the public Strategy to Increase RFID Security System Using Encryption Algorithm

TitleStrategy to Increase RFID Security System Using Encryption Algorithm
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2022
AuthorsAl-Aziz, Faiq Najib, Mayasari, Ratna, Sartika, Nike, Irawan, Arif Indra
Conference Name2022 8th International Conference on Wireless and Telematics (ICWT)
Keywords5G mobile communication, Encryption, Espresso Algorithm, Grain v1 Algorithm, human factors, Internet of Things, IoT, microcontrollers, pubcrawl, resilience, Resiliency, RFID, RFIDs, security, Telematics, Wireless communication
AbstractThe Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly evolving, allowing physical items to share information and coordinate with other nodes, increasing IoT's value and being widely applied to various applications. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is usually used in IoT applications to automate item identification by establishing symmetrical communication between the tag device and the reader. Because RFID reading data is typically in plain text, a security mechanism is required to ensure that the reading results from this RFID data remain confidential. Researchers propose a lightweight encryption algorithm framework for IoT-based RFID applications to address this security issue. Furthermore, this research assesses the implementation of lightweight encryption algorithms, such as Grain v1 and Espresso, as two systems scenarios. The Grain v1 encryption is the final eSTREAM project that accepts an 80-bit key, 64-bit IV, and has a 160-bit internal state with limited application. In contrast, the Espresso algorithm has been implemented in various applications such as 5G wireless communication. Furthermore, this paper tested the performance of each encryption algorithm in the microcontroller and inspected the network performance in an IoT system.
Citation Keyal-aziz_strategy_2022