Visible to the public 2023 HotSoS PostersConflict Detection Enabled

Compiling Natural Language Expressions to Extended BPF Programs for Stateful Network Policy Enforcement
Mohammad Firas Sada,
Nik Sultana
Illinois Tech

Making Smart Contracts Predict and Scale
Syed Badruddoja, Ram Dantu, Yanyan He, Mark Thompson, Kritagya Upadhyay, Abiola Salau
University of North Texas

Contextual Aware Converged Security Platform
Daniel Feldman, Yogi Porla, Eugene Weiss

A Comparative Study of Website Fingerprinting Attacks in V2 and V3 Onion Services of Tor Networks
Donghoon Kim1, Olusegun Akinyemi1, Doosung Hwang2
1Arkansas State University, 2Dankook University

Enhancing the Security Posture of IoT: Study of Remote Attestation at the Deep Edge
Chris Meier, Raj Pal
Laboratory for Advanced Cybersecurity Research, National Security Agency

SoK: Attestation in Confidential Computing
Muhammad Usama Sardar1, Thomas Fossati2, Simon Frost2
TU Dresden, 2Arm Ltd.

Explainable Boosting Classifier for Malware Detection and Local Explanation
Alexandre Reeberg de Mello, Vitor Gama Lemos, Emilio Simoni
PSafe Cyberlabs