Visible to the public A Brief Survey on the Experimental Application of MPQUIC Protocol in Data Communication

TitleA Brief Survey on the Experimental Application of MPQUIC Protocol in Data Communication
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2022
AuthorsWejin, John S., Badejo, Joke A., Jonathan, Oluranti, Dahunsi, Folasade
Conference Name2022 5th Information Technology for Education and Development (ITED)
Keywordscoupled congestion control, data communication, Industries, Internet, MPQUIC protocol, multipath protocols, Multiplexing, pubcrawl, resilience, Resiliency, Scalability, Scheduler, security, TCPIP, Technological innovation, transport protocols
AbstractSince its inception, the Internet has experienced tremendous speed and functionality improvements. Among these developments are innovative approaches such as the design and deployment of Internet Protocol version six (IPv6) and the continuous modification of TCP. New transport protocols like Stream Communication Transport Protocol (SCTP) and Multipath TCP (MPTCP), which can use multiple data paths, have been developed to overcome the IP-coupled challenge in TCP. However, given the difficulties of packet modifiers over the Internet that prevent the deployment of newly proposed protocols, e.g., SCTP, a UDP innovative approach with QUIC (Quick UDP Internet Connection) has been put forward as an alternative. QUIC reduces the connection establishment complexity in TCP and its variants, high security, stream multiplexing, and pluggable congestion control. Motivated by the gains and acceptability of MPTCP, Multipath QUIC has been developed to enable multipath transmission in QUIC. While several researchers have reviewed the progress of improvement and application of MPTCP, the review on MPQUIC improvement is limited. To breach the gap, this paper provides a brief survey on the practical application and progress of MPQUIC in data communication. We first review the fundamentals of multipath transport protocols. We then provide details on the design of QUIC and MPQUIC. Based on the articles reviewed, we looked at the various applications of MPQUIC, identifying the application domain, tools used, and evaluation parameters. Finally, we highlighted the open research issues and directions for further investigations.
Citation Keywejin_brief_2022