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The cybersecurity training services company Hoxhunt reveals in a new report that critical infrastructure employees are becoming more engaged with organizational security. "Human Cyber-Risk Report: Critical Infrastructure" is based on the analysis of over 15 million phishing simulations and actual email attacks reported by 1.6 million participants in security behavior change programs in 2022. Two-thirds of participants in security behavior training programs within critical infrastructure organizations were able to detect and report at least one malicious email attack within a year of training. It was discovered that the sector had a 20 percent higher resilience velocity, defined as the speed at which peak threat detection behavior is achieved. The report also found that the critical infrastructure sector has a high phishing simulation success rate. This article continues to discuss key findings from Hoxhunt's "Human Cyber-Risk Report: Critical Infrastructure."

SiliconANGLE reports "Behavior Training Improves Cyber Resilience in Critical Infrastructure"