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Visible to the public Contextual Integrity for Computer Systems

Despite the success of Contextual Integrity (see project "Operationalizing Contextual Integrity"), its uptake by computer scientists has been limited due to the philosophical framework not meeting them on their terms. In this project we will both refine Contextual Integrity (CI) to better fit the problems computer scientists face and to express it in the mathematical terms they expect.


Visible to the public CIF:Small:Collaborative Research:Security in Dynamic Environments: Harvesting Network Randomness and Diversity

The project aims at quantifying a general network's inner potential for supporting various forms of security by achieving secret common randomness between pairs or groups of its nodes. Statistical and computational secrecy measures are being considered against a general passive adversary. Common-randomness-achieving protocols are classified into two groups: culture-building and crowd-shielding. The former achieves common randomness between nodes situated in close proximity of each other, from correlated observations of specific (natural or induced) network phenomena.


Visible to the public SHF: Medium: PRISM: Platform for Rapid Investigation of efficient Scientific-computing & Machine-learning

Today's systems demand acceleration in processing and learning using massive datasets. Unfortunately, because of poor energy scaling and power limits, performance and power improvements due to technology scaling and instruction level parallelism in general-purpose processors have ended. It is well known that full custom, application-specific hardware accelerators can provide orders-of-magnitude improvements in energy/op for a variety of application domains.