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Visible to the public TWC: Frontier: Collaborative: Rethinking Security in the Era of Cloud Computing

There are at least two key features of the move to cloud computing that introduce the opportunity for significant leaps forward in computer security for tenant services. First, a compute cloud provides a common software, hardware and management basis for rolling out cross-cutting services en masse that have resisted incremental deployment in a one-service-at-a-time fashion. Second, compute clouds offer providers a broad view of activity across an unprecedented diversity of tenant services.


Visible to the public CAREER: Secure and Trustworthy Provenance for Accountable Clouds

Cloud computing has emerged as one of the most successful computing models in recent years. However, lack of accountability and non-compliance with data protection regulations have prevented major users such as business, healthcare, and defense organizations from utilizing clouds for sensitive data and applications. Due to the lack of information about cloud internals and the inability to perform trustworthy audits, today's clouds are often not used in regulated industries, preventing their widespread adoption.


Visible to the public TWC: Medium: TCloud: A Self-Defending, Self-Evolving and Self-Accounting Trustworthy Cloud Platform

The use of cloud computing has revolutionized the way in which cyber infrastructure is used and managed. The on-demand access to seemingly infinite resources provided by this paradigm has enabled technical innovation and indeed innovative business models and practices. This rosy picture is threatened, however, by increasing nefarious interest in cloud platforms. Specifically, the shared tenant, shared resource nature of cloud platforms, as well as the natural accrual of valuable information in cloud platforms, provide both the incentive and the possible means of exploitation.