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Visible to the public Multi-model run-time security analysis

Our research focuses on creating the scientific foundations to support model-based run-time diagnosis and repair of security attacks. Specifically, our research develops models that (a) scale gracefully with the size of system and have appropriate real-time characteristics for run-time use, and (b) support composition through multi-model analysis. Network models will complement architectural models in two ways: (a) to characterize the organizational context of a system, and (b) to detect anomalies through network representations of architectural behavior.


Visible to the public Epistemic Models for Security

Noninterference defines a program to be secure if changes to high-security inputs cannot alter low-security outputs thereby indirectly stating the epistemic property that no low-security principal acquires knowledge of high-security data. We consider a directly epistemic account of information-flow control focusing on the knowledge flows engendered by the program's execution. Storage effects are of primary interest, since principals acquire and disclose knowledge from the execution only through these effects. The information-flow properties of the individual effectful acti


Visible to the public Scientific Understanding of Policy Complexity

Goal: To develop a scientific understanding of what makes security policies complex as well as metrics for measuring security policy complexity, defined as the degree of difficulty in understanding by relevant users.