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Visible to the public TC: Small: Protecting Wireless Medical Devices

A mobile health monitoring system generates and monitors data related to a patient?s health using a wireless or wired channel. It may also control dosages of medicine or alter the behavior of medical devices to preserve a patient?s health. Such continuous monitoring and control gives mobile health monitoring systems the promise of improving health for lower costs than traditional methods. The security of mobile health monitoring systems is critical because of the importance of their tasks and the vulnerability of the devices and their operating environments.


Visible to the public TC: Small: Theory and Applications of Min-Entropy Leakage

In this age of identity theft, Facebook, and TSA screening, protecting confidential information from improper disclosure has emerged as a fundamental issue for trustworthy computing, involving both technical and social dimensions. While it is sometimes possible to stop undesirable information flows completely, it is perhaps more typical that some undesirable flows are unavoidable. For instance an ATM machine that rejects an incorrect PIN thereby reveals that the secret PIN is not the one that was entered.