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Visible to the public Threat Modeling/Risk Analysis

With the increased use of cyber physical systems in current defense, medical, and energy applications, it is critical for the infrastructure to remain secure. As such, it is important to identify potential security flaws early in the design process in order to produce a consistent, secure and reliable system with minimal fabrication costs. This task can be accomplished using threat modeling. Threat modeling can be separated into two diverse fragments, asset centric and attack centric threat modeling.


Visible to the public Evaluation and Experimentation

This research thrust focuses on the design and development of a highly accessible and scalable testbed environment for supporting the evaluation and experimentation efforts across the entire SURE research portfolio. This work is based on our existing technologies and previous results with the Command and Control Windtunnel (C2WT), a large-scale simulation integration platform and WebGME, a metaprogrammable web-based modeling environment with special emphasis


Visible to the public CPS: Synergy: Cyber-Enabled Repetitive Motions in Rehabilitation

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