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Potential Science of Security paper sources for calendar year 2018

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Conference Dates

Conference/Journal Title and URL

Award papers and notes


Internet Society Network and Distributed System Security Symposium 2018 (NDSS)

Cisco Network Security Best Paper award

Distinguished paper awards (2)


Principles of Security and Trust (POST) 7th Intl conf. (part of ETAPS)

No awards found. Papers freely available from Springer.

4/29-5/32018 Eurocrypt
No awards found.


IEEE Symposium on Securty & Privacy

Distinguished Paper Award (Google)

  • DEEPSEC: Deciding Equivalence Properties in Security Protocols -- Theory and Practice

Distinguised Paper Award (Facebook)

  • On Enforcing the Digital Immunity of a Large Humanitarian Organization

Distingushed Practical Paper Award (Baidu)

  • FPGA-Based Remote Power Side-Channel Attacks


IEEE/IFIP Dependable Systems and Networks Conference (DSN)

Best paper award candidates listed in program:

  • Wren: Nonblocking Reads in a Partitioned Transactional Causally Consistent Data Store
  • Code-Dependent and Architecture-Dependent Reliability Behaviors
  • Modeling Soft Error Propagation in Programs


Int. Symp. On Engineering Secure Software and Systems

No awards found


IEEE Computer Security Foundations Symposium

3 Distinguished paper awards:

  • Secure compilation of side-channel countermeasures: the case of cryptographic "constant-time"
  • Types for Information Flow Control: Labeling Granularity and Semantic Models
  • Privacy Risk in Machine Learning: Analyzing the Connection to Overfitting


USENIX Security

Paper awards:
5 Distinguished paper awards:

SOUPS (at USENIX Security)]

Distinguished Paper award

  • "I've Got Nothing to Lose": Consumers' Risk Perceptions and Protective Actions after the Equifax Data Breach

Honorabe Mention

  • When is a Tree Really a Truck? Exploring Mental Models of Encryption

Privacy award

  • "Privacy is not for me, it's for those rich women": Performative Privacy Practices on Mobile Phones by Women in South Asia


ESORICS (European Symposium on Research In Computer Security)

Best paper award:

  • "Towards Understanding Privacy Implications of Adware and Potentially Unwanted Programs"
    pages 449-469

I think these awards are to individuals, not papers:

  • ESORICS 2018 Outstanding Research Award: Pierangela Samarati
  • ESORICS 2018 Outstanding Contribution Award: Einar Arthur Snekkenes


IEEE Cybersecurity Development (SecDev) 2018

Best research paper award:

Best BP (best practice) award:

8/18-23/2018 Crypto 2018
No awards found


New Security Paradigms Workshop
<proceedings not yet in ACM Digital Library as of 12/21/18>

No awards found


ACM Computer and Communications Security Conference (ACM CCS)

Two Best Paper awards:

  • LEMNA: Explaining Deep Learning based Security Applications
  • Toward Detecting Violations of Differential Privacy


Annual Computer Security Applications Conf (ACSAC)

Two Distinguished Paper awards:

  • Hiding in the Shadows: Empowering ARM for Stealthy Virtual Machine Introspection - Distinguished Paper Award
  • Tracking Users across the Web via TLS Session Resumption

Runner up papers:


IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing
Available in IEEE Digital Library:
2018 is Volume 15

ACM Transactions on Privacy and Security (TOPS)
Available in ACM digital library:
2018 is Volume 21, Issue 1 through Vol 22, Issue 1

Journal of Computer Security (IOS Press)
Available at:
2018 is Volume 26

Computers & Security (Elsevier)
2018 publication year includes Volumes (= issues) 72-80

IEEE Security & Privacy Magazine
2018 is Volume 16

Journals a bit farther afield but may have relevant articles:

IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security
2018 is Vol. 13

IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering
2018 is Vol. 44

ACM Computing Surveys
2018 is Vol. 50, Issue 6 - Vol 51, Issue 5

Journal of the ACM
2018 is Vol 65 issue 1 - Vol. 66, Issue 1
Area editor for crypto and security