Monitoring and control of cyber-physical systems.

Visible to the public Design of Networked Control Systems for Chemical Processes

Augmenting dedicated control systems with
 real-time sensor 
and actuator networks poses a number of new challenges in control system design that cannot be addressed with traditional process 
control methods, including: a) the handling of additional, potentially
 asynchronous and/or delayed
 measurements in the overall networked control system, and b) the
 substantial increase in the number of process state variables, manipulated inputs, and measurements which may impede the ability of
 centralized control systems to carry out real-time calculations within th

Visible to the public CPS: Small: Control of Distributed Cyber-Physical Systems under Partial Information and Limited Communication

The principal objective of this project is the development of novel control architectures and computationally efficient controller design algorithms for distributed cyber-physical systems with decentralized information infrastructures and limited communication capabilities.  Interest is in distributed cyber-physical systems where the system components are able to communicate with one another.

Visible to the public Collaborative Research: Abstraction of Cyber-Physical Interplays and Its Application to CPS Design

This project seeks to develop a systematic approach to facilitate the efficient codesign of both the control (physical) and computer (cyber) sides of a cyber-physical system (CPS). Designing a CPS requires substantial inter-disciplinary activity.

Visible to the public Developing Theoretical Foundations for Understanding Implicit and Explicit Communication Within Cyber-Physical Systems

The objective of this research is to develop theoretical foundations for understanding implicit and explicit communication within cyber-physical systems.