High Confidence Software and Systems Conference 2016


Visible to the public Wigmore: A Constrain-Based Language for Reasoning About Evidence and Uncertainty

Historically, probability theory has proven to be very useful in dealing with uncertainty, especially when it can be quantified by statistical means. This is why the literature on the subject often distinguishes between risk, which applies to situations where uncertainty can be captured by a probability, and ambiguity, when there exists uncertainty without meaningful probabilities.


Visible to the public Interrupts in OS code: let's reason about them. Yes, this means concurrency.


Existing modelled and veried operating systems (OS's) typically run on uniprocessor platforms and run with interrupts mostly disabled. This makes formal reasoning more tractable: execution is mostly sequential.


Visible to the public  2016 HCSS Conference
May 10, 2016 9:00 am - May 13, 2016 5:00 pm EDT

A world class community of researchers will gather in Annapolis, MD for a full week of High Confidence Software and Systems Conference activities that are structured to focus on new scientific and technological foundations that can enable entirely new generations of engineered designs that are becoming essential for effectively operating life-, safety-, security-, and mission-critical systems.


Visible to the public 2016 HCSS CfP

The Sixteenth Annual HCSS Conference (2016)

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