SoS Background Material


Visible to the public Progress in Science - A Strategy for Assessing Science

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Visible to the public Developing a Blueprint for a Science of Cybersecurity

An recent issue of The Next Wave; The National Security Agency's review of emerging technologies, highlighted the science of cybersecurity.


Visible to the public Strong Inference

Certain systematic methods of scientific thinking may produce much more rapid progress than others.

16 October 1964, Volume 146, Number 3642


Visible to the public JASON Report: The Science of Cyber-Security

JASON was requested by the DoD to examine the theory and practice of cyber-security, and evaluate whether there are underlying fundamental principles that would make it possible to adopt a more scientific approach, identify what is needed in creating a science of cyber-security, and recommend specific ways in which scientific methods can be applied.


Visible to the public A Roadmap for Cybersecurity Research

This document provides detailed research and development agendas for the future relating to 11 hard problem areas in cybersecurity, for use by agencies of the U.S. Government and anyone else that is funding or doing R&D.


Visible to the public Cyber Security – Is Science Possible?


  • Problem domain
  • Cyber threat
  • DoD leadership concerned
  • How can cyber security become scientific?
  • Questions for JASONs
  • Supporting fundamental questions
  • Community development
  • Supporting additional material